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The Art of Healthy Restoration

The entire Capitol Dental Care team is committed to preserving and protecting your natural teeth so that you can enjoy a healthy smile that’s equipped to stand the test of time. Sometimes, in order to prepare your smile for the future, we have to take preventive actions today. Our specialty services are designed to restore, rejuvenate, and reconcile your smile for optimal oral health.

Personalized, State-of-the-Art Service

We pride ourselves on staying acquainted with the very latest treatment techniques and proven technology in dentistry. As our field continues to advance, patients are benefitting from care that’s easily customized to meet and exceed your dental health needs with meticulous precision. No matter how simple or complex the procedure, know your smile is in the hands of an extremely skilled team whose main priority your comfort.

At Capitol Dental Care, we pride ourselves on staying acquainted with the very latest treatment techniques and proven technology in dentistry.

Sometimes, a tooth just needs to come out. If the dentist suggests removal of a tooth, you can rest assured that it’s the best option for your overall health. In most cases, extraction of a tooth is a quick procedure, but there are times when you may require oral surgery. Our team is trained to ensure your comfort and safety during the duration of your treatment. We perform minor extractions and wisdom teeth removal in our office, but for complex surgery, we can refer you to our specialist. For those wisdom teeth removes that we complete in the comfort of our Harrisburg office, we are able to use our digital panoramic x-ray. This amazing piece of dental technology allows us to get 1 complete image of your teeth, giving our doctors the best possible view of what they are removing.

Root canals are never fun, but they are necessary at times. We want to save your natural teeth as much as possible, so in some cases, you may require endodontic therapy. We’ll remove the infection from inside your tooth, and restore functionality to your tooth. Abscess and infection are very painful, and we’ll help ease your pain during and after the treatment. Most of these procedures can be completed in one visit. Our 3D scanner is an excellent piece of dental technology that helps us complete any of the molar endodontic treatment that we may recommend. For complicated or advanced treatments, such as molar endodontics, we’ll be happy to refer you to a specialist. A crown restoration is often recommended following endodontic therapy.

If you’re in need of a restoration, but you don’t have enough healthy enamel to support it, you may benefit from a crown lengthening treatment. We’ll reshape the gum and bone tissue to create a stable base for restorations. As a cosmetic treatment, crown lengthening can make your smile appear more even and aesthetically pleasing overall. Patients who suffer from gum disease may find that crown lengthening makes cleaning between teeth easier, as the gum pockets shrink.

Dental implants are the best option when it comes to replacing your natural teeth. Implants are held in place through an implant “post” or rod that is surgically placed into the jaw bone. Once the tissue in the jaw bone has healed, the “post” will act as the implant’s natural root. Dr. Sisk and his team will then place the implant onto the root, and match the shade and shape of the implant to be consistent with your natural teeth. The implant will feel natural and, more importantly, appear to be one of your original teeth! Come visit the team at Capitol Dental Care today to see if you are a qualified candidate for a dental implant.