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Adult Orthodontics

Straighter Smiles, Better Oral Health - Harrisburg

Straighten Your Teeth Discreetly

The perfect smile is always represented with sparkling, straight teeth. But what if yours aren’t perfect? We offer adult and teen orthodontics to straighten your smile and help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted.

Unlike traditional metal braces, orthodontic options at Capitol Dental Care allow you to straighten your smile without announcing it to the world. Our treatments are comfortable and discreet, two major differences from the metal orthodontics you knew as a kid. Less cumbersome than traditional braces, our orthodontic options allow you to straighten your teeth quickly, gently, and effectively.

Straighten Your Way to a Healthier Mouth

Having a straighter smile is not just a cosmetic bonus. Straighter teeth mean a healthier mouth since it’s easier to clean and floss between teeth. Crowded, crooked teeth harbor bacteria, which can lead to decay and other oral health problems. Straightening your teeth can alter the way your whole mouth functions, not only improving your smile but your oral health as well.

In order to get a proper view of your current teeth alignment, we will use our digital panoramic x-rays. This amazing piece of dental technology allows our doctors and team to get a complete view of your mouth in one simple image. Our team is able to utilize this comprehensive image to plan the new alignment of your teeth, as well as show you what current issues they may need to address.

Ask about our in-office Zoom! Whitening FREE with any Invisalign treatment!

Orthodontic treatments

Ask us about our different orthodontic treatments, and have our team review your needs to determine which option will work best for you. See how adult or teen orthodontics can improve your oral health and give you that straighter, perfect smile you’ve always wanted.

The Invisalign clear aligner system gradually straightens your teeth through gentle repositioning. Smooth trays are custom created from clear plastic specifically for your treatment. First, we’ll take impressions of your teeth to create a 3D image used to formulate your specific treatment plan. We’ll be able to digitally determine the outcome of your treatment, and show you what your smile will look like. The aligners are crafted from BPA-free plastic that doesn’t irritate your mouth, as the metal from traditional orthodontics often can.

About every two weeks, you’ll switch aligners, which are virtually invisible. Most people will not know you are wearing the aligners. For best results, we recommend:

  • wearing your aligners at least 20 to 22 hours each day,
  • removing them only to eat, drink and brush your teeth
  • No restrictions on what you can eat, unlike traditional braces
  • brush and floss like you always have, making the whole system convenient

We’ll evaluate your progress throughout the course of treatment, which typically takes between 12 and 18 months, though each smile is different. See what Invisalign can do for your smile, and discover the secret to straightening.

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